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MMCF 2022 Writing competition
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As you all know Mick has had a very tough year regarding cancer and sadly passed away on November 23rd 2020 at the age of 28. Mick fought with every ounce of his being until the very end. Mick was diagnosed with cancer for the third time in 2015 and given 6 months to live. He overcame all odds and won every battle cancer threw at him. Mick enjoyed his life for a full 5 years after this diagnosis. These amazing years he spent with his best friend and wife Mel making memories and doing brilliant work in Harvard Law school.


We all miss Mick very much and are committed to continuing his fight.

As a baby, 16 months old, Michael was diagnosed with neuroblastoma with a 1 in 4 chance of survival. After chemotherapy, surgery and a bone marrow transplant, Michael remained cancer free until he turned 22.

In his final year at Trinity College, where he was studying Law & Business, Michael was sadly diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma which required surgery (partial nephrectomy). Michael still managed to graduate with top grades, earning a scholarship to Harvard Law School to complete his Masters in Law.

Four months after moving to Boston with his girlfriend of 9 years, Mel, Michael was diagnosed with a rare form of metastasized renal cell cancer. Luckily Michael was in the right city at the right time as new treatments were newly approved for his cancer. Michael continued his studies throughout his third cancer journey and graduated from Harvard Law School. He then went onto American University Washington College of Law to study his PHD (SJD in Law). Michael was in his third year of his PHD when he sadly passed away. He has numerous publications in his area of expertise which was the intersection of Criminal Law and Mental Health Law.

Along with ensuring Michael's papers continue to be published, his wife and sister in law will take part in the Pan Mass Challenge in Boston with Michael's doctor to raise awareness and funds for translocation RCC (the rare cancer that Michael had). Michael's dad, Pat, will also continue with the MMCF Writing Competition to raise funds for this important cause.


 We appreciate all the help and support received over the past few years. We hope you continue to keep Michael's memory alive and take his advice on board about not sweating the small stuff and always looking out for those who need it most. Thank you.

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