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Writing Competition 2018 Winners

Congratulations to our 2018 winners. Thank you for supporting the Michael Mullan Cancer Fund. The winners were announced at a special prize-giving event in Newbridge Library on 3rd Oct. 2018 .

2018 Flash Fiction Winners

* 1st Place: A Turnaround for the Books - by Helen O'Leary (read here)

​* 2nd Place: Our House - by Deryk Payne (read here).

2018 Poetry Winners

* 1st Place: All the Vagrant Flock - by Emma McKervy (read here).

​* 2nd Place: To a Turner of Wood - by Paul O'Brien (read here).

2018 Short Story Winners

​* 1st Place: The Funeral - by Frank McKenna (read here).

* 2nd Place: Last Rites​ - by Teresa Godfrey (read here).

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