2019 Writing Competition

Entry is closed for this year. 

A longlist of the top submissions in each competition can be found below.

This is an open competition for short stories, flash fiction and poems on any subject matter.

All entry fees will go to the Michael Mullan Cancer Fund.

A shortlist of the top 6 in each category will be announced in September.

MMCF Writing Competition 2019.jpg

Poetry Longlist

In Plain Sight


Useful Information

I looked for You

Figments of Imagination

Tour De France

Evolution of a complaint

The Holm Oak

The Return

Every Time I Pass Saint Luke’s

A Journey


A Hand in abstentia

Through a Lens on Omey

Through the Trees

Chasing Stars

Don’t Grow Up Yet

No. 42

John in the Glen


Short Story Longlist 2019

The Saucier

The Ocean




Thirteen Hundred Hours


Hem Boys

Leaving Poetry

One in the Middle

At Peace

The Stranger

Along the Coast

Southern Hospitality

The Painted on Smile



On the Move

Root and Branch

Headless Annie

Flash Fiction Longlist 2019

Another Cup of Tea

Invisible Prey

Downwardly Mobile

The Glass Mosquito


The Record Player

Holding Hands

Why I am Breaking Up With You


A Change in the Wind

In Plain Sight

The Meeting

Lost and Found

A Rough Break up

The Devil is in the Detail

The Letter

Dead Ringer

It was only for one night

Bad News

Cold Feet

Getting Away

Shortlist & Winners 

*The top 6 shortlisted in each competition will be listed in September.

*Winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded at a special event on Wednesday 9 October 2019 (7.00 pm for 7.30 pm) at Newbridge Library, Co. Kildare as part of the 2019 Kildare Readers Festival. 

*The winning entries in each competition will be published on the Michael Mullan Cancer Fund website and also on the Kildare Readers Festival website.