2019 Writing Competition

A shortlist of the top submissions in each competition can be found below. The longlist can be found here.

*Winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded at a special event on Wednesday 9 October 2019 (7.00 pm for 7.30 pm) at Newbridge Library, Co. Kildare as part of the 2019 Kildare Readers Festival. 

*The winning entries in each competition will be published on the Michael Mullan Cancer Fund website and also on the Kildare Readers Festival website.

MMCF Writing Competition 2019.jpg

Short Story Shortlist 2019

Hem Boys

Leaving Poetry

On the Move


Southern Hospitality

Thirteen Hundred Hours

Flash Fiction Shortlist 2019

A Rough Break up

Lost and Found


The Devil is in the Detail

The Glass Mosquito

Why I am Breaking Up with You

Poetry Shortlist 2019

A Hand in abstentia

Every Time I Pass Saint Luke’s

I Looked for You

The Holm Oak

Through a Lens on Omey

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