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2nd place poetry

Alpha and Omega by John Martin

In the crèche, the baby smells

Mingle with the yelps and yells.

Tiny seats against the wall,

A row of infants, helpless, small.

My grandson, second from the end,

Awaits whatever life will send.

Recognition dawning in his eyes,

Excitedly he shouts and cries,

Plump arms uplifted, dribbly chin,

As I bend down and rescue him.


The nursing home smells of loss,

The duty nurse, severe and cross.

A row of eyes with vacant stare.

My father, helpless in his chair,

His mind a blank, his senses dim,

No hope nor joy reside in him.

No recognition in his eyes,

He dribbles, and without sound, cries.

I know I cannot rescue him,

As he awaits oblivion.

MMCF Writing Competition 2020

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