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2nd place flash fiction

Miller Meets His Match by Sonia Elston

    Jack Miller was a heavyweight boxer.  Known as ‘Miller the Killer’ he was a giant of a man whose iron fist had floored many lesser contenders in the ring.  He had numerous title fights to his name and his reputation as a hard man who would never give in caused many to fear ‘Miller’s Mallet’ as much as they had Henry Cooper’s ‘Hammer’ decades before, but it seemed that in this latest opponent he had met his match.  His protagonist had been taunting him for over an hour and Jack was raining insults and it seemed neither side was willing to admit defeat. Covered in sweat it took a further fifteen minutes before Jack had his opponent in a position where he was able to deliver a decisive blow. 


   ‘Gotcha!’ he shouted triumphantly,’ but the fly just flew away again.

MMCF Writing Competition 2020

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